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We invite submissions of writing and artwork related to green anarchy, primitive skills, wildness, the green scare, etc. Discussion and critique of current events is welcomed and encouraged.

CALL OUT FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST ‘Never Alone’ Exhibition June 11-30, 2014

‘Never Alone’ Exhibition June 11-30, 2014
Curated by the Earth First! Prisoner Support Project

This year on June 11 – the International Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid & all Eco-prisoners – we will be running the 2nd annual Never Alone online exhibition. It will serve as an avenue not only for fundraising for these political prisoners, but as a way to reach out informatively to a broad audience on issues of earth & animal liberation and state captivity. We would love to invite you to contribute an artwork to this exhibition.

June 11 started back in 2004 as the International Day of Solidarity with Jeff ‘Free’ Luers, an eco-prisoner sentenced to 22+ years in prison in Oregon (U.S.) for an act of arson against 3 light trucks in an effort to highlight the threat of climate change. This threat is now widely recognised, as was the incredibly unjust sentence that Jeff received. An international campaign of support had a massive impact on the fact that Jeff’s sentence was ultimately reduced to 10 years. By the time he was released in 2009 many other activists in the U.S. had been locked up in prison for standing up for a better world. Two of these prisoners – Eric McDavid and Marie Mason – had been sentenced to 20 and 22 years respectively. Both were sentenced severely for their willingness to fight for a  world without oppression – be that of the earth, other animals, or our human communities.

Last year the Never Alone exhibition raised important funds for Marie and Eric’s support campaigns. We want to build on all the amazing support shown by artists and art buyers, and make this year’s exhibition an even bigger and more successful fundraiser. You can still see last year’s online exhibition here.

Marie and Eric are contributing artworks for the exhibition, as well as a number of other amazing artists already on board. We are inviting a range of incredibly talented artists to contribute, whose art regularly touches on themes of liberation, wilderness and political action. We are very interested in contributions of original work, prints and small sculptures, and any other ideas that artists may have. Please feel free to get in touch and discuss with us any ideas you might have.

The exhibition will be online at www.neveraloneart.org, from June 11-30. It will be promoted heavily through our support networks, social media, and through other June 11 events being organised around the world. Artists involved would need to be able to provide suitable images of their artwork/s, as well as details of the dimensions, medium/s and price (incl. cost of postage within the U.S). We are hoping that any artists involved will be willing to contribute between 100-70% of the sale of any artworks at the exhibition, with funds raised going directly to the support funds of Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. We would also require artists to be responsible for posting any sold artworks to the purchaser, with those costs being reimbursed to you by our collective.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Expressions of interest close on May 1st, 2014. We really hope to hear from you if you are interested in contributing, and look forward to working with you!

In solidarity,
The Earth First! Prisoner Support Project team

RIP Michael Ruppert

Thanks to Kevin Tucker of Black and Green Press for altering us to Michael’s suicide and choosing this great quote..

I do not care about political leaders or personalities. They are distractions. I do not care about war scares and the emotional drugs they unleash for those addicted, as I once was.

I am not facing down a man or men.

I am not facing down regions or peoples.

I am not facing down an economic system.

I am facing down a culture, an utterly failed culture that is lethal, blind, useless and almost incomprehensibly destructive.

Human beings do not have to die. But our culture must.”

- Michael C. Ruppert

If you have not seen the documentary ‘Collapse’ you need to

Shit the FBI says

Deep Green Resistance, Death Threats and the Police

"In this exclusive interview with the Vancouver Media Co-op, author Derrick Jensen talks about a recent spate of death threats directed towards him. He explains his decision to take his case to the FBI. He also expresses his distaste for those who question his decision to go to the feds. 

The interview was conducted by phone yesterday by Dawn Paley for the Vancouver Media Co-op, and has been minimally edited for sound quality and length.”

Flyer made for Baltimore Marie Mason benefit show. Details on post below…please repost!

Flyer made for Baltimore Marie Mason benefit show. Details on post below…please repost!

Baltimore benefit show for ELF prisioner Marie Mason

The Marie Mason benefit show is on Saturday July 16th and it’s approaching quickly! I need people to really push this information so we can get as many people to come out as possible. Please repost this and more importantly if you can make it come out, show support, GET INVOLVED!

WHEN: Saturday, July 16th 2011, 5-11PM *(time may change - check Facebook event page for updates)

WHERE: Copycat Space, 1511 Guilford Suite B40, Baltimore, MD 

We will have a night of music, speakers on topics like the Green Scare, a screening of the new documentary If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front, and a silent auction/raffle. All money collected is going directly to Marie Mason’s support group (www.supportmariemason.org).

Asking for donation of $5-$10 at the door, but no one will be turne d away for lack of funds. This is a benefit for a long term anarchist prisoner so please try to give what you can.

From her support page:
“Marie Mason is a loving mother of two and a long-time activist in the environmental and labor movements. In March 2008, she was arrested by federal authorities for charges related to two acts of property destruction that occurred in 1999 and 2000 – damaging an office connected to GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) research, and destroying a piece of logging equipment. No one was injured in either act. She faced a Life sentence before accepting a plea bargain in September 2008.

Mason was sentenced on February 5, 2009 in federal court in Lansing, Michigan. She received almost 22 years – the longest sentence of any “Green Scare” prisoner. The sentence is currently being appealed.

The “Green Scare” is the name given to the recent arrests of animal rights and environmental activists who have been charged with acts of economic sabotage. Federal authorities have sought outrageous sentences (often Life in prison) and have publicly and legally labeled the activists as “terrorists” – despite the fact that no one has been killed or injured in any of the acts. For an intro to the Green Scare, see www.greenisthenewred.com.

Supporting Marie Mason does not mean agreeing with her acts. It does mean opposing the fear-mongering tactics of the federal government, and the outrageous sentences they have imposed.

Really great article about Marie from Fifth Estate here:


Marie Mason’s support group: http://supportmariemason.o rg/

Green Scare information: www.greenisthenewred.com

CONFIRMED BANDS: (a few more to come!)

Peregrine: (www.peregrinemetal.com)
Passengers: (http://www.facebook.com/pa​ges/Passengers/14936087178​0916)

Kevin Tucker of Black and Green Press, author of For ‘Wildness and Anarchy’ (Black and Green Press - http://www.facebook.com/bl​ackandgreenpress)

Will Potter of Green is the new Red, author of ‘Green Is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege’ (www.greenisthenewred.com)


If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front
Trailer here: http://www.ifatreefallsfil​m.com/film.html

“In December 2005, Daniel McGowan was arrested by federal agents in a nationwide sweep of environmentalists involved with the Earth Liberation Front— a group the FBI has called America’s “number one domestic terrorism threat.”

Charged with burning down two timber facilities years earlier, McGowan faced life in prison for his actions.

Part coming-of-age tale, part cops-and-robbers thriller, IF A TREE FALLS tells the dramatic story of Daniel McGowan and the ELF. And along the way it asks hard questions about environmentalism, activism, and the way we define terrorism.”


Just Seeds Collective poster pack of screen printed artwork

Earth First! pack of EF! journals, stickers, and a CD of EF! music featuring a song from Marie herself

Red Emma’s book pack x2 (details soon!)

HOAX zine will also have a table to sell their zine and donate a portion of sales to Marie’s support group!

Never forget our friends in cages! Marie has been stolen from her friends, her family, and the wild for 22 years -  and for what? For striking back against the system that kills everything and enslaves whatever is left.  Solidarity forever with this non compromiser!  

An Anarchist Debate

Audio from a debate held at Groundcore House in Philadelphia between Kevin Tucker (anarcho-primitivist) and Alexis Buss ( Anarcho-Syndicalist).

More things like this should be happening! Suggest the idea to your local radical coffee shop and get things heated up where you live.